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CSP Online Graduates: Analyzing the Numbers

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INTRO: Concordia University, St. Paul is dedicated to helping students prepare for successful careers, and students across the country – and globe – have taken advantage of our online programs. More than 700 students graduated from Summer 2018 to Spring 2019 alone! Follow along to learn more about these graduates.

Number of Graduates

Total: 745

From Summer 2018 to Spring 2019

Undergraduates: 439

Graduates: 306


Exercise science was the most popular undergraduate program. It’s a versatile major that can lead to careers like athletic trainer, coach, chiropractor, rehabilitation specialist, and more.

The MBA program topped all graduate degrees by a wide margin. This degree allows graduates to pursue advanced roles in management, finance, marketing, and other business areas.

Top 3 Undergraduate Degree Programs

  1. Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science: 78
  2. Bachelor of Arts in Business: 71
  3. Bachelor of Science in Nursing: 45

Top 3 Graduate Degree Programs

  1. Master of Business Administration: 107
  2. Master of Arts in Human Resources Management: 48
  3. Master of Science in Exercise Science: 31

Number of graduates from degree program from Summer 2018 to Spring 2019


About 10% of all graduates were under 25 years old. The average graduate was 34.

  • Youngest: 20
  • Oldest: 64
  • Average Age: 34
  • Under 25: 81
  • Over 50: 50


Females outnumbered males by almost 2:1. “Sarah” and “Michael” led all names for graduates.

  • Female: 490
  • Male: 251
  • Blanks: 4

Top Names

Most Popular Female Names:

  1. Sarah
  2. Jennifer
  3. Angela
  4. Michelle

Most Popular Male Names:

  1. Michael
  2. Andrew
  3. Christopher
  4. Jeffrey

State & Distance

Online graduates at CSP were in 37 states. The furthest locations were Germany (graduate) and Iran (undergraduate).

Top 5 Locations:

  • Minnesota: 526
  • California: 29
  • Wisconsin: 29
  • Florida: 15
  • Illinois: 14

Furthest Locations:

APO, Germany: 1 (Master of Arts in Human Resource Management)

Tehran, Iran: 1 (Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science)

CONCLUSION: Become one of the many who made the right choice with Concordia University, St. Paul Online. We are committed to delivering an online learning experience that helps you make your goals happen by offering affordable, flexible online programs that have the same quality as on-campus programs.

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