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What Can You Do With a Child Development Degree?

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A Bachelor of Arts in Child Development degree is an attractive option for many students due to its interdisciplinary nature. The degree combines several aspects of psychology, communication, and social sciences and more traditional coursework in other subjects. The program heavily focuses on advocacy and leadership in early education. Students concentrate heavily on the development of children from birth to grade 3, but it is a common practice for students to narrow the focus of their bachelor’s degree coursework to a specific age group or developmental topic. Students gain a broad knowledge base within these areas, making the degree extremely valuable in a range of child development careers.

Careers in Child Development

Graduates of Bachelor of Arts in Child Development degree programs can pursue a variety of different careers. They may be attracted to working in jobs such as preschool teachers, early childhood education teachers, or daycare directors, or they may choose careers in traditional public or private education settings. There is rising demand for educators and social workers working with children. Here are a few examples of jobs available to graduates with a bachelor’s in child development:

  • Child Life Specialist
  • Special Education Paraprofessional
  • Parent Educator
  • Early Childhood Education Consultant
  • Early Childhood Education Regulator
  • Social Worker

Students who love working with children and are interested in working as children’s advocates may be a good fit for the Bachelor of Arts in Child Development degree. This degree can open doors to advanced jobs in various organizations. One of the most attractive qualities of a degree in child development is that relevant careers in education and social work are available in all job markets.

Career Growth and Salary Potential

As in any other field, salaries vary based on the careers chosen. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that kindergarten and elementary school teachers earn a median salary of $61,350 annually, with 7% job growth by 2030. Preschool teachers earn a median annual salary of $30,210, with 18% job growth by 2030. Social workers earn a median annual salary of $50,390. Employment of social workers is expected to increase 12% by 2030.

A child development degree online can lead to employment in education, childcare, community services, medicine, government, social services, and business. At CSP Global, students pursuing a bachelor’s degree acquire a solid foundational understanding of a child’s developmental needs and the ability to competently perform the tasks necessary for their chosen child development careers.

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