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The Anatomy of an E-Commerce Landing Page

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An e-commerce landing page is a focal point for your marketing efforts. Before investing more money in pay-per-click ads, make sure you’re doing everything you can to optimize conversation rates.

We’ve created a fictional e-commerce landing page to give you tips on best practices.

1. Remove the Navigation Menu

Navigation menus on websites are helpful, but they can distract potential customers on landing pages.

  • One website removed the navigation menu and conversions increased by 100%.[1]

1. Headings and Button Copy Should Work Together

Persuade your audience personally by using direct or implied “you” language. Button copy should work seamlessly with headings and other copy.

2. Use “Click Trigger” Text

Click triggers give people that extra psychological “push” by providing benefits (RX lenses included in price) or easing fears (30 days to try out the glasses).

  • By adding click triggers, one website’s form sign ups shot up 34%.[2]

3. Provide Color Contrast

High-contrasting colors get noticed. Put it in the right place, and you have a recipe for enhancing conversations.

  • One website changed its button color to red from green and boosted conversions by 34%.[3]

4. Keep Most Important Benefits Above the Fold

You can’t count on potential customers scrolling down on the page to keep reading.

  • One website did this and increased conversion rates from 9% to 23%.[4]

5. Integrate Social Proof

Potential consumers need to trust a company/product before purchasing. Experts, celebrities, users, publications, and certification are examples of social proof you can use.

6. Give Context to Benefits

Don’t just list benefits. Help people understand why it makes their life easier, better, or safer.

7. Use Real Pictures in Testimonials

Help your audience connect to happy reviewers or customers by showing them.

8. Maintain Your Value Propositions

Don’t ease up on the most compelling benefits. Reinforce them all the way to the end, along with anything else that will encourage your audience to buy.


Creating a landing page is both art and science. How will you increase conversion and boost sales?

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