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Concordia University, St. Paul can help you achieve your education goals with affordable online programs offered through CSP Global. One decision changes everything — find the program that’s perfect for you by choosing the type, level, or field of study you are interested in.

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Associate / Education

A.A. in Early Childhood Education

Designed for busy adult students who want to advance their careers in early childhood education, this CAEP-accredited program meets the standards of the Child Development Associate National Credentialing program.

Associate / General Studies

A.A. in General Studies

This associate degree includes credits from various academic disciplines to provide students with a foundation for critically examining the world from unique perspectives.

Associate / Nursing & Health Care

AAS Diagnostic Medical Sonography ECHO

CSP has collaborated with Allina, one of the largest healthcare systems in the Midwest, to offer the Echocardiography Program. This 20-month program is designed to immerse students in clinical patient care training starting at the program’s onset. This setup allows students to apply their coursework directly to hands-on clinical experiences. Students learn alongside Allina’s cardiac sonographers, cardiologists, cardiac nurses, and other health care experts via current technologies, equipment, and procedures.

Associate / Nursing & Health Care

AAS Diagnostic Medical Sonography General

This associate degree program prepares students to work as health care professionals with the best possible technical skills in sonography.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.A. in Business Administration

The business administration degree program provides a foundation of study in management, teamwork, communication, project management, finance, accounting, marketing, and other staples of business.

Bachelor’s / Education

B.A. in Child Development

Students will learn developmentally appropriate practices and focus on advocacy and leadership in the field of early education, with courses addressing the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards for initial professional preparation.

Bachelor’s / Criminal Justice

B.A. in Criminal Justice

This program engages students through a foundational and theoretical framework that is relevant to the real-world challenges of the criminal justice system.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.A. in Digital Marketing

A degree that blends foundational marketing principles with advanced technical skills to drive business growth.

Bachelor’s / Exercise Science & Allied Health

B.A. in Exercise Science

The exercise science degree prepares students for post-graduate study or for positions in coaching, fitness and wellness centers, health and wellness education, personal training, and rehabilitation sciences.

Bachelor’s / Social Science

B.A. in Family Science

This degree provides students with the educational foundation to plan, implement, and evaluate strategies that promote positive growth and development within families of all types.

Bachelor’s / Nursing & Health Care

B.A. in Health Care Administration

Throughout this degree program, students develop practical experience and confidence that will help them succeed in a rapidly changing health care industry, with coursework exploring current trends, events, and business principles in the health care industry.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.A. in Human Resource Management

This program offers a hands-on, comprehensive study of the skills needed by human resource practitioners and other organizational leaders who are responsible for achieving results through people.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.A. in Management and Leadership

This degree educates students about group behavior and its relation to organizational effectiveness by translating theoretical learning into useful, hands-on experience.

Bachelor’s / Social Science

B.A. in Psychology

This program takes a contemporary approach to psychology methods and prepares students for the modern mental health field through a comprehensive and rigorous curriculum as well as an internship that offers practical field experience.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.A. in Sport Management

This program prepares students to work in sport management through a career-connected curriculum focused on business, kinesiology, and sport theory.

Bachelor’s / Business

B.S. in Accounting

In this degree program, students learn to gather, record, analyze, and communicate financial information for individuals and stakeholders.

Bachelor’s / Information Technology

B.S. in Computer Science

This degree helps students design solutions using computer science techniques. Students also learn and practice interpersonal skills related to the discipline, including project management techniques, teamwork, and communicating with stakeholders.

Bachelor’s / Information Technology

B.S. in Information Systems

In this program, students learn to seek technical solutions from a strategic business perspective by gaining insights into business fundamentals that streamline operations, improve efficiency, and grow profit margins.

Bachelor’s / Nursing & Health Care

B.S. in Nursing Accelerated (ABSN)

This accelerated, 16-month degree program offers leading-edge digital coursework, experiential learning, and preparation for the NCLEX-RN®. Students should enter the program with at least 60 credits, including prerequisites.

Bachelor’s / Public Health

B.S. in Public Health

Prepare for health careers within public health, health care, and nonprofit settings.

Certificate / Human Services

Certificate in Forensic Behavioral Health

In partnership with the American Institute for the Advancement of Forensic Studies (AIAFS), this certificate program focuses on the direct relationship between behavioral health, criminal justice, and legal systems.

Doctorate / Nursing & Health Care

Doctor of Physical Therapy

This program prepares students with hands-on learning and clinical experiences with a strong mission as its guide to enter the field of Physical Therapy.

Doctorate / Education

Doctorate in Education

This Ed.D is for graduate students seeking to maximize their leadership and scholarship talents with the support of their colleagues, faculty, and instructional practitioners.

Doctorate / Exercise Science & Allied Health, Nursing & Health Care

Doctorate in Kinesiology (Ed.D.)

The Doctorate in Kinesiology features an industry-relevant exercise and sport science curriculum, techniques for applying advanced principles in the field, and applications for many career contexts.

Doctorate / Exercise Science & Allied Health, Nursing & Health Care

Doctorate in Kinesiology (Ph.D.)

The Ph.D. in Kinesiology features an industry-relevant exercise and sport science curriculum, and techniques for applying advanced principles in the field, and prepares you for a career in academia or research.

Certificate / Education

Educational Specialist–Principal Licensure (K–12)

This program is for experienced educators seeking to maximize their leadership talents and skills in K-12 educational settings, including eligibility for licensure in the state of Minnesota as a K-12 principal.

Certificate / Education

Educational Specialist–Superintendent Licensure

The Ed.S Superintendent Licensure is for experienced educators with at least three years of teaching experience who currently hold a master’s degree and a valid Minnesota teaching license who wish to become licensed as a superintendent in the state of Minnesota.

Certificate / Criminal Justice

Graduate Certificate in Trauma, Resilience, and Self-Care Strategies

Designed for those working in human services, this online program helps students expand their skillsets to include strategies and techniques that help victims of trauma of toxic stress exposure.

Master’s / Criminal Justice

M.A. in Criminal Justice Leadership

Designed for students of various backgrounds (including law enforcement, military, social service, and corrections), this program enhances professionalism and positions students for leadership opportunities.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Differentiated Instruction

This program assists PK-12 teachers in the application of purposeful and dynamic strategies that empower each learner to access the full curriculum and achieve academic success in a complex learning environment.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Early Childhood Education

Students who earn their master’s in early childhood education will interpret, evaluate, and apply research and theory related to all areas of early childhood education.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Education–Educational Leadership

This program prepares teachers to meet the learning needs of today’s K-12 students from an administrative role by developing an understanding of effective school organization, management, and leadership.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Education–Educational Technology

This program is for experienced educators who wish to expand their teaching skills and enhance the classroom experience by utilizing innovative approaches to technology.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Education–English as a Second Language

The M.A. in Education with an emphasis in English as a Second Language provides educators with the knowledge base and instructional strategies to empower all learners whose first language is not English.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Education–Literacy w/ K-12 Reading Endorsement

This program is for individuals who hold a valid Minnesota teaching license and who wish to further develop their skills in literacy to meet the learning needs of today’s K-12 students.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Education–Trauma and Resilience in Education

This two-year master’s program equips education professionals with effective responses to student trauma and ways to help students build the resiliency skills necessary to thrive and learn.

Master’s / Social Science

M.A. in Family Science

This program prepares experts to work with societal issues influencing the family, including: economics, education, work-family issues, parenting, sexuality, and gender.

Master’s / Business

M.A. in Human Resource Management

This program provides students with courses focused on developing human resource leadership, financial and strategic thinking, and innovation.

Master’s / Human Services

M.A. in Human Services

Prepare to work in specialized careers within the human services field and choose an emphasis in forensic behavioral health or one in trauma, resilience, and self-care strategies.

Master’s / Criminal Justice

M.A. in Human Services: Forensic Behavioral Health

Learn to improve the lives of individuals in the criminal justice and legal system – and their families – through cultural, theoretical, and ethical practices.

Master’s / Criminal Justice

M.A. in Human Services: Trauma, Resilience, and Self-Care Strategies

Develop a deeper understanding of trauma and stressor-related disorders, their impact on the human brain and family systems, and how to assist individuals with effective coping strategies.

Master’s / Business

M.A. in Leadership and Management

Build business skills and quality measures that stand out, including Lean Manufacturing, Office Kaizen, Process Improvement, and Six Sigma.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Special Education–Autism Spectrum Disorder

Develop the skills you need to succeed as a special education professional and pursue an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Endorsement.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Special Education–Emotional Behavioral Disorders

Acquire core special education knowledge and practices as you gain Emotional/Behavioral Disorders (EBD) Endorsement.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Special Education–Specific Learning Disabilities

Learn and practice standards of effective special education practice and gain Specific Learning Disabilities (SLD) Endorsement.

Master’s / Business

M.A. in Sport Management

Examine concepts of management, strategy, marketing, and law related to sport management in this program built to help you advance your career.

Master’s / Communication

M.A. in Strategic Communication Management

Delve into the latest innovations and technologies in the industry to solve communication challenges.

Master’s / Education

M.A. in Teaching with Initial K–6 Licensure

Become an effective educator in today’s elementary classrooms while either earning an initial license or adding the K-6 license to an existing license.

Master’s / Communication

M.F.A. in Creative Writing

After completing this fully online MFA program, students will have achieved a level of sophistication in their writing that will allow them to pursue a number of career options.

Master’s / Exercise Science & Allied Health

M.S. in Coaching and Athletic Administration

This program prepares students for in-demand careers in sports, coaching, and athletic training. Students gain insight into athlete scouting, recruitment, coaching principles, and athletic motivation, along with sport-specific nutrition and training programs.

Master’s / Information Technology

M.S. in Data Analytics

CSP Global’s Master of Science in Data Analytics degree gives you the opportunity to stay on top of the growing data analytics field with the latest tools and technologies to help lead organizations.

Master’s / Exercise Science & Allied Health

M.S. in Exercise Science

Prepare to work with clients on improving their sport performance and health with a career-connected curriculum focused on physiology, applied exercise prescription, biomechanics, nutrition, and more.

Master’s / Information Technology

M.S. in Information Technology Management

With CSP Global’s IT management degree, you’ll become an effective leader who can manage and grow resources and examine technical solutions through a strategic business lens.

Master’s / Nursing & Health Care

M.S. in Orthotics and Prosthetics

This hybrid program teaches students to evaluate, fabricate, and custom fit artificial limbs and orthopedic braces. The M.S. in Orthotics and Prosthetics is offered through a unique collaborative partnership between Concordia University, St. Paul and Century College.

Master’s / Business

Master of Business Administration

Through a curriculum grounded in business analytics, strategic decision-making, and effective communication, students will be able to advance their career and open doors to new opportunities.

Master’s / Business

Master of Business Administration–Health Care Management

Graduates of the program gain the confidence to succeed in the health care industry through practical experience and knowledge from courses focused on the current events and trends in the health care industry.

Master’s / Public Health

Master of Public Health

Study a career-connected curriculum focused on the latest issues and trends in the expanding field of public health.


Other Certificates

CSP offers a Certificate in Parent Coaching, an Early Childhood Education Certificate, a Certificate in Leadership, a Forensic Behavioral Health Certificate, and the Southeast Asian Teacher Licensure Program (SEAT).