Why a Master’s In Sports Management Is a Great Investment

Posted November 16, 2011 | By csponline

For someone who loves sports and is fortunate to have a job in the field, there are opportunities for them to make themselves more marketable. One of the best ways to do this, no matter what job this sports enthusiast currently has is to get a master’s degree in sports management. Not everyone considers earning this advanced degree, but it is one of the best ways to show future employers as well as current employers that they not only have a passion for sports, but they are interested in learning all they can to be better in their chosen career.

Are in you interested in earning a Master’s Degree in Sport Management?

For a coach who wants to move on to be an athletic director in either a high school or college, this degree can help pave the way. This degree is also helpful for the highs school coach ready to move on the college. For those who work in sports marketing or sports information, this degree can make them more marketable. A Master’s in Sports Management can also help someone who works in a community recreation department, but wants to move into management. The average salary for a person with an advanced degree in sport management is about $50,000 a year across the United States, but there can be a large variation depending on the specific job.

For most head coaches of major college sports, which for most universities is basketball or football, the average salary is $65,000. Remember that there are thousands of colleges and universities across the nation, and this is the average salary. Obviously the head football coach at Notre Dame will earn more money than the head coach at Morning Side College. It is also possible that what is a major sport will vary by university depending on the popularity of different sports in different places.

The average salary for an athletic director is $100,000. Once again, the difference depends on the size of the university and the number of sports the athletic director has to oversee. The larger the university, the closer the athletic director will make $500,000 versus $100,000. Another job available at most universities that benefit having a sports management degree is an event ticket manager who earn around $50,000 a year. These people are in charge of supervising the sale of tickets for most if not all events held at the various athletic venues at the university.

Those who Master’s in Sports Management and are not part of a university system usually make closer to $50,000. These include people who are in charge of recreation departments for communities. Those with this job arrange and schedule athletic events such as youth summer baseball and often adult activities such as basketball and volleyball. These supervisors are also generally responsible for hiring the officials for these programs. A sports management degree can make someone who enjoys working with sports more marketable and more knowledgeable. Understanding more about how to manage and organize sports and the business of sports is an investment worth making.