Program ResourcesWhat is Exercise Science?

Aspiring coaches, athletic or personal trainers, physical education teachers or recreation directors should consider earning a B.A. in Exercise Science. This degree prepares students for a broad range of occupations that promote health and physical fitness.

Students who are thinking of majoring in exercise science should remember that even though a postsecondary degree is not always required for health- and fitness-related occupations, having a bachelor’s degree undoubtedly helps grads land better, higher-paying jobs.

Exercise science programs focus on coursework in kinesiology (the scientific study of human movement), nutrition, biological sciences and physiology. Through these classes, students learn to create fitness programs and activity plans for children and adults alike. When compared to other undergraduate majors, exercise science is arguably the most well-rounded choice when it comes to understanding the human body.

There are many other positions those with exercise science degrees are qualified for. Obtaining this degree prepares students for many entry- and mid-level jobs across the fitness and health and wellness industries, including directorial and managerial positions. To name a few:

  • Exercise physiologist in a cardiac rehabilitation facility
  • Clinical exercise specialist
  • Athletic coach
  • Wellness coach
  • Community wellness director

Those who hold a B.A. in Exercise Science can expect to work in gyms, rehabilitation centers, physical therapy facilities and sports and athletic complexes.

It is widely known that the keys to a consistent positive outlook are regular exercise and maintenance of physical fitness. Careers in exercise science promote a healthy lifestyle; many people in this field find their jobs to be extremely satisfying. Especially given the current obesity epidemic in the United States, there is definitely a need for individuals trained in helping people lead healthier lifestyles. Whether help is given via exercise plans, rehabilitation programs or sports programs, this is a rewarding career path that many enjoy.

Another benefit of this program is that it is structured to function as a “stepping stone” degree. This means that in addition to helping students get jobs right after graduation, it can also serve students who know they’ll pursue graduate study. Graduate work after earning a B.A. in Exercise Science might include the study of aging, biomechanics, chiropractics, human growth, sports psychology and other subjects. Those who want to become chiropractors, physical therapists or occupational therapists may consider starting with this degree, then taking advanced graduate coursework to achieve their career goals.