Common Child Development Careers

Posted April 1, 2013 | By csponline

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Child development careers involve working with children to help them achieve critical physical, intellectual and emotional developmental milestones throughout the various stages of childhood and adolescence. Professionals with an interest in child development but who want to veer away from an education career often find immense satisfaction in various child care roles. An online child development degree can position you for one of these careers:

  • Preschool teacher: According to research reported by the Center for Public Education, early childhood education is the benchmark of future academic success. Children who are engaged in high-quality pre-kindergarten programs benefit in the short and long run from improved test scores, reduced behavioral issues and increased high school graduation rates. With a growing demand for high-quality daycare and pre-K programs, these facilities are looking for educated and experienced professionals to design valuable curriculum and engaging lessons that facilitate a dynamic academic environment for young learners.
  • Nanny: American households are in the midst of a growing trend that sees both parents choosing to leave the home to enter the workforce. This trend has created a demand for childcare professionals to care for children while also becoming the primary educators of young learners. Additionally, many parents are looking to experienced childcare workers to come into their home and work with their child one-on-one for a personalized development experience.
  • Guidance counselor: Early childhood education should focus not only on academic development but also emotional and social development. Guidance counselors play an important role in helping children overcome emotional or behavioral development barriers. Guidance counselors typically work in public schools; however, religious and private institutions might also choose to employ a guidance counselor.
  • Child life specialist: Parents or caregivers of children with illnesses or other medical conditions need support and training to help their child cope with their condition while making developmental progress. Child life specialists provide emotional support as well as valuable training instructions that give families hope and understanding of their child’s illness. An additional certification is needed to become a child life specialist.