10 Interesting Courses for Marketing Students

Posted January 17, 2014 | By csponline

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Marketing is emerging as a viable division of business as companies seek to bolster consumer relationships through strategic and personalized initiatives. To this point, a traditional business degree only lays the foundation of competencies that effectively support the efforts of a marketing professional. Additional aptitudes are needed to build the pillars of a successful marketing career.

Concordia University, St. Paul offers a variety of online business degrees that provide you with the opportunity to specialize your academic experience for a more targeted career in business, including marketing. And, our online business programs have been recognized by U.S. News and World Report as a best online program.

Our Bachelor of Arts in Marketing degree is offered fully online for professionals seeking career advancement or transition through the acquisition of new, targeted business skills. The 40-credit hour program bridges traditional academic competencies with innovative marketing principles for a comprehensive study of this complex and growing division of business. Curriculum takes a broad approach to the study of marketing. Students examine the critical marketing factors driving business today and become prepared to apply their marketing knowledge to answer business challenges as well as opportunities. Students will also be exposed to new tools and strategies that are shaping the business sector and giving rise to its value in business.

Take a look at the core courses offered through our online marketing degree:

Innovation and Complex Systems: Innovation is the new rule for business. This course examines how you can maximize opportunities through the systemization of innovation. You will explore how innovation affects business decisions, including the allocation of resources, and you will study the dynamics and culture of organizational structure.

Marketing Innovation: Explore the five Ps of marketing – place, price, product, promotion and people – and learn how innovative strategies can translate to new business success in this marketing course. Students will examine marketing practices such as environmental scanning, targeting customers and achieving organizational objectives through strategy.

Integrated Marketing Communications: Developing marketing strategies for the effective execution of communication tactics is at the center of this course. You will create your own targeted communications and campaigns that include major marketing components and present those to your cohort.

Marketing Research: Consumer research is essential to understanding market behavior and devising effective strategies and tactics. You will learn how to develop surveys, observation, experiments and other tools for learning about your target groups. You will also learn how to analyze data collected and use the collected information to create action plans. Students will gain hands-on experience creating your own research mechanisms.

Interactive and Mobile Marketing: Smartphone technology has pervaded our culture with the Pew Research Center reporting that 56 percent of adult Americans own a smartphone – up from 35 percent just two years ago. The importance of interactive and mobile marketing solutions is rising as more people gain a sense of connectivity at their fingertips. This course will explore the value of websites to a business’s bottom line and how to integrate brand awareness by harnessing new technology, including social media and mobile marketing.

International Marketing: A global economy is stressing the importance of integrating an international perspective in our marketing efforts. This course examines the contemporary marketing issues facing nations across the world, collaborating with global partners and marketing to foreign countries.

Applied Business Ethics: Ethics is a hot issue in business climates across sectors. Maintaining a reputable social and ethical identity as a corporation is a delicate balance that can go awry with a single careless step. Students will examine marketing ethics and will even come away with a better understanding of your own personal ethical system.

Applied Accounting and Finance: Budgets can foil your best laid marketing plan. This course provides a basic overview of financial information for non-finance majors so you can better serve your company in a marketing capacity. Field-related areas of interest include sales, new product development, ROI, price and profit. You will also be able to read and comprehend corporate reports and internal control.

Marketing Strategy: This is a comprehensive course the combines your previous coursework for a deeper understanding of marketing. Curriculum will be guided by graduate-level case studies and course work will utilize collaborative efforts.

Business Plan: This is an independent study course allowing you to create your own business plan for maximized outcomes using the knowledge and skills gained throughout your degree program.

Concordia’s online marketing degree delivers a comprehensive study of traditional as well as advanced competencies for a well-rounded program of study.

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