High-Paying Jobs You Can Get With an MBA

Posted August 13, 2014 | By csponline

92% of 2012 MBA graduates had a job three months after completing their degrees.The undisputed leading graduate degree for students in the U.S. is the MBA. That’s because when most people decide to continue their education, increased earning potential and career advancement are major motivating factors. Graduates of MBA programs are qualified for high-level business careers that are out of reach for those who hold only undergraduate degrees. In fact, 92 percent of 2012 MBA graduates surveyed by the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) had a job three months after completing their degrees.

Still, while popular wisdom tells students to get an MBA, many don’t know what their career options will be after completion. Read on to learn about the wide variety of jobs you can get with an MBA.

Design Your Own Career

In every MBA program, you’ll study the theory behind business principles and learn to apply your knowledge to real-world business situations. Good MBA programs will also offer a rigorous core of business courses while allowing you to specialize, so that you can tailor your education to the career you want. Because MBAs are so versatile, you’ll have plenty of options after completing your degree. Many graduates of MBA programs work in existing businesses or corporations, while others start their own business as a result of their increased management knowledge. You’ll be qualified to work in upper management and executive positions, but the type of role you fill is largely up to you.

Outside of the generalized business sector, fields like health care, technology and marketing are popular choices for MBA graduates. Because you’ll have strong skills in leadership, money management, marketing and employee relations, your expertise will make you a valuable asset in the business world, no matter which specific sector you find yourself working in.

If you want to start your own business, an MBA provides you with the entrepreneurship and leadership training you’ll need to succeed, as well as sharpening your general business skills and helping you learn to apply it to the work you do every day. If you have a great business idea, an MBA can give you the specialized training and business contacts you need to make it a reality. Because of the variety of relevant courses you’ll take in topics like accounting, communications and ethics, you’ll be prepared for the challenges you’ll face as you work toward starting your own company.

MBA Salaries and Career Options

The GMAC reports MBA salaries by specific industry. According to their numbers, the average salaries of all MBA graduates are as follows:

  • Consulting: $105,000
  • Energy/utilities: $98,000
  • Finance/accounting: $95,000
  • Health care: $96,000
  • Technology: $95,000
  • Manufacturing: $92,000
  • Products/services: $89,000
  • Nonprofit/government: $70,000


This means that how much you make will probably depend on the industry in which you work. Take this data into consideration as you consider careers and MBA specializations.

Here are just some of the career options you’ll have after earning your MBA. Salary information is from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

  • Software developer: Professionals in this position design computer programs, operating systems and applications. Employers prefer individuals who hold an MBA with a specialization in information technology. The average salary for this career is just over $100,000 annually.
  • Information security analyst: This is another position that lends itself to an IT-focused MBA. Information security analysts protect entire businesses’ computer networks and systems. The average salary for these roles is about $89,000 per year.
  • Financial manager: These professionals oversee the transactions and financial activities of their companies. This includes cash management and investment, as well as the budgeting process. The average salary for this job is about $113,000 annually.
  • Health services manager: Health services managers ensure that companies follow government rules and regulations when it comes to health care products and services. They oversee all employees, which involves either being a department head or the manager of an entire facility. This career is especially good for students who specialize in health care while earning their MBA. Average salary for this position is around $90,000 annually.
  • Marketing manager: These professionals help companies get new customers and expand their business into new markets. They aim to increase both sales and profits. Marketing managers also research trends and demand. Students with a specialization in marketing are well-suited for this career. The average annual salary is over $120,000.
  • Management consultant: Management consultants help companies stay competitive and successful. They usually accomplish this through solving management problems and implementing new strategies to control costs and increase efficiency. Average salary for this position is about $80,000 annually.


Business at CSP

At CSP Online, we provide you with the MBA options you need to specialize and build the career you want. Not only do we offer an undergraduate degree in business for those who are ready to start their career in the business world, but we also offer an online MBA program with two specialization options.

Our MBA program consists of 42 credit hours and is offered fully online.  It is designed for adult students like you who are interested in obtaining their degree in a flexible format that fits into their schedule. Students who earn an online MBA degree use cross-curriculum education activities to become experts in their chosen industry during the length of the program. The knowledge and practical experience give students the confidence they need to succeed in their professional setting.

If you choose the health care management concentration, you will gain the confidence to succeed in the health care industry through practical experience and knowledge. You’ll have access to the latest information on trends in the health care industry, allowing you to discover how business principles affect these trends. The marketing analytics track allows you to develop the necessary skills to interpret consumer behavior, business ethics, research and decision making for effective marketing tactics.

No matter what path you want your business career to take, the best way to advance is by enrolling in our degree program. Get on track to a successful business career at the management or executive level. Whether you are looking for a specialized program or a general MBA degree, we have what you are looking for at CSP.

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