Elise Uecker

Online BA - Psychology

For Halli, the decision to enroll in Concordia University, St. Paul’s online MBA program was a family affair. “My mom got her degree online through CSP years ago. And she was talking about pursuing her MBA here as well. I remember her as a single mom throughout my high school career, going to school and doing online courses. She always had a lot of good things to say about CSP. So going through school and graduation with her now, that’s kind of been my driving force,” she said.

Halli currently works as a full-time project engineer for Polaris Industries, which specializes in power sports. Her primary responsibility is to oversee new and upcoming projects. Her desire to advance in her career led her to pursue an MBA degree. “It was a drive to know more, and gain more knowledge,” she said. “I felt that I didn’t have as much knowledge for the management aspect of my career.”

Having graduated from college just two years ago, Halli was ready to get back in the classroom and gain leadership skills for success. “I wanted to better understand the business aspect of what I do, because that was something I kind of struggled with in undergrad, or just wasn’t as interested in. And now I’m seeing how big of a part that actually plays in my career today,” she said.

Halli finds significant value in the education she is receiving. “The program has been great so far. I’ve been able to benefit and take away a lot more knowledge than I had previously. It’s given me a different perspective on certain things that may challenge me in my own work, helping me to improve as an engineer but also a leader,” she said.

One of the central benefits to her experience has been her interactions with instructors and staff: “I can honestly say everyone I’ve worked with at CSP has been excellent.”

Her instructors have worked together to provide insight into the business world. “You can tell they really respect one another and each other’s style of teaching. Their vision [is] the same. That’s something I’m seeing as a common theme for all of Concordia: The teachers care and they want to help you get there,” she said.

Halli is on track to graduate in August of 2017, and says she is looking forward to the rest of her time at Concordia. A big part of her enthusiasm is the community she feels with other students. “I really found that CSP tries to engage each student, because ultimately we are a team going through the course together. Not only are they treating you as a professional, but you have the opportunity to hear about everyone else’s professional experience. We’re kind of a family throughout the whole thing, called in from different areas from around the U.S. It’s been great so far,” she said.