Student TestimonialTanja Taff-Morello

MBA Student Profile: Tanja Taff-Morello

studentTestimonial-avatarWhen it was time to choose a graduate degree program, Tanja Taff-Morello knew she was looking for one that would fit into her already busy schedule. As a wife and mom as well as a working professional, she needed the flexibility that online programs offer. But she found more than that at Concordia University, St. Paul. “When I looked at the other options, since I do work full time and I’m a mother of a 12-year-old, and married, I thought that Concordia would be best for me. I really did like their Christian faith, and their mission statement. It was a really good fit for me. And it’s exceeded my expectations,” she said.

As a student in Concordia’s online MBA in Health Care Management program, Tanja is looking to advance her career in the health care field. She is currently employed as a documentation services liaison at the Mayo Clinic and is excited to advance her career in the rapidly changing health care field. “I’m looking forward to reinventing health care, and being a part of that transformation as opposed to just somebody watching it happen,” she said.

Part of the reason Tanja chose Concordia is because of the option to specialize her MBA education and learn advanced skills she could apply in her field. “I really wanted to become a lifelong learner. And once I saw the program I said, ‘This will really help me define where I’m going with the next 20 years of my career,’” she explained.

Once her degree program began, Tanja found that her instructors had the expertise to help her meet her goals. “All my professors are awesome. And I’m very impressed with their level of professionalism. And courtesy, kindness, compassion and intellect.” She was also struck by their years of experience and ability to provide meaningful professional advice. “I’m actually impressed with how much I’m learning, and thrilled about how much I have yet to learn,” she said. Studying at Concordia has made Tanja “excited” about the future of her career.

She has also noticed a confidence boost in the workplace. “I see myself becoming more calm, more informed. And so I have a different way of communicating with my peers, my colleagues and leaders. I’m coming to the table with information that I didn’t have without going to Concordia,” she explained.

Tanja’s experience at Concordia has led her to think about how she can advance in her field: “I’ll have, not just the credentials on paper, but the actual knowledge behind it to choose and develop my next career. I have learned so much. And I’m looking forward to all the future adventures.”