Student TestimonialElise Uecker

Student Profile: Elise Uecker

elise-ueckeAs a student at Hennepin Technical College, Elise Uecker completed her associate degree. Then, after hearing about the opportunities available through Concordia University, St. Paul’s Transfer Advantage, she decided to continue her education by pursuing a bachelor’s degree in psychology at Concordia. As a mother of three who works full time, Elise says it was important for her to find an online program that allowed her to balance her responsibilities: “I am choosing to earn my degree online as this is what works best for myself and my family. I am able to dedicate the necessary time to each place that needs me and be successful. I am not missing out on school or making memories with my family.”

For Elise, continuing her education also shows her children the value of staying in school. “I am pursuing my degree in psychology because I have always wanted to graduate from college but I also want my children to see the importance. I can not only tell my children how important homework and spending time doing well on your homework is but I can show them as well. I sit near my children and work on my studies as they do theirs. We are a team!” she says.

After spending “countless hours” searching for the right program and school, Elise found that Concordia had the right balance of quality and affordability. “I wanted to make sure the degree I pursued … was looked at highly. I am proud to say I am studying and earning my degree from Concordia University, St. Paul,” she says.

As a current Concordia student, Elise is finding her classes to be rewarding and is making real connections with her instructors: “I have had such a great experience in all my classes … that I have to say I have enjoyed all my classes so far … the professor that left the biggest impact on me was Frank Plachecki from my human resources class. He made me realize what [is] most important in life and opened my eyes to a new way of looking at things.”

Receiving support throughout her studies has helped Elise succeed. “My academic advisor has been very helpful. I have been very pleased by how accommodating and supportive he has been. I am very thankful for the constructive feedback that has helped me stay successful in my classes,” she says.

Continuing her education has boosted Elise’s confidence as well: “I have been more proud of myself and have realized I can accomplish goals that I set for myself, big or small. I expect to continue to see myself grow and become more confident as I finish my degree and pursue a career in my field.”

At Concordia, Elise knows her goals are within reach. “I think [CSP] is a great place to achieve your dream of a better education. If you are looking for a successful way to finish a degree, start a new one or go to graduate school, the many different ways to pursue your degree make this possible and achievable,” she says.