Program ResourcesWhat is Information Technology?

Information technology plays an important role in every industry. Obtaining a degree in IT opens doors to numerous career opportunities, and good jobs are available to both bachelor’s and master’s degree holders.

The job market is brimming with jobs in information technology. This is because companies in industries across the board are working to create and maintain online and mobile presences, which are now an absolute necessity for businesses to stay relevant and competitive. Those who earn degrees in IT are in a great position to start and stay in rewarding careers.

Here is some basic information on what’s involved in earning an IT degree at both the undergraduate and graduate level.


Students in a bachelor’s degree program learn core tech skills and how to apply them to solve common business problems. There’s typically no previous tech experience needed to enroll in a program, as you start classes and learn from the ground up. Fundamental coursework includes analytics, innovation, project management, information systems and security, and data management.

Students enrolled in IT programs can expect hiring to stay at a high level. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment in computer and information technology occupations is projected to grow 12 percent by 2024, or about 488,500 new jobs. Upon graduation, it’s common to find positions as network and computer systems administrators, computer support specialists or database administrators.


Those who already have their bachelor’s degree may wish to pursue a master’s degree in IT. Graduate coursework includes IT research, IT leadership, data analytics, information security, strategic communication and business strategy.

One goal of graduate IT coursework is to teach students higher-level tech, leadership and business skills. Earning a master’s in IT only increases job opportunities, particularly for management positions.