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Many people find the study of psychology incredibly interesting, so it’s a very popular undergraduate degree choice for students. Deciding what to do post-graduation, though, is a more difficult task. A master’s degree or doctorate is required for most traditional psychology jobs. Therefore, individuals with a bachelor’s degree in psychology who don’t wish to go to graduate school immediately find work in other related fields.

Psychology majors are extremely employable. Psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior; it seeks to answer questions about brain function, learning and mental illness. Among many other skills, people who have earned a psychology degree know how to:

  • Communicate
  • Relate to others
  • Collect, analyze and organize data
  • Observe and understand human behavior

It’s common for psychology grads to pursue careers in fields like human resources, communication and advertising. Many continue their education while working in their first job post-graduation to open doors to clinical practice or research positions within psychology.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers are in charge of estimating how much demand exists for a client’s products and services, while taking into account the projected demand for competitors’ products and services. They identify audiences and markets for their clients’ products and develop strategies to help their clients sell their products. Marketing managers generally work with sales, public relations and product development staff. Marketing managers earn a median annual wage of $128,750, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. This job is expected to grow 9 percent by 2024.

Human Resources Manager

Psychology majors make good human resources managers because they handle duties related to employee satisfaction, training, recruitment, workplace morale and internal communication. The median annual wage for HR managers is $104,440, and the number of available positions is expected to grow 9 percent by 2024.

Public Relations and Fundraising Manager

PR and fundraising managers are in charge of creating and directing plans for nonprofit, private and public sector clients. They must produce materials like press releases and fact sheets that tell the stories of their clients’ successes. This creates a favorable image for their clients in the media and among other audiences important to the client. Fundraising managers plan and direct campaigns that drive donations to an organization. The median annual pay for PR and fundraising managers is $104,140, and the projected growth for this job is 7 percent by 2024.

Advertising Sales Agent

Advertising sales agents sell traditional and online ad space to businesses and individuals. They drum up business by contacting new clients, present to existing clients and maintain client relationships. Advertising sales agents earn a median annual wage of $48,490.