Program Resources4 Nursing Associations in Minnesota

There are many practical reasons for a nurse in Minnesota to join a professional association. Many use professional organizations to stay relevant in their field and learn about progress and professional trends.

Networking is another key component of joining a professional organization. Connecting with other nurses around the state of Minnesota can lead to better job opportunities and conversations relevant to the field of nursing. Many of the following organizations have job opening boards and discussion forums that help nurses to stay in touch with relevant topics. Some organizations offer certifications and continuing education courses for members.

A great reason to join a local professional organization in Minnesota is that the focus of that organization will be on issues and trends that specifically affect nursing in the state.

Minnesota Nurses Association (MNA)

The Minnesota Nurses Association is the labor union for registered nurses in Minnesota. The MNA, with 20,000 members, is a locally affiliated group associated with National Nurses United. There are three membership options for the MNA: full, student and associate. The full membership is for nurses who work more than 832 hours per year. If a member works fewer hours, they may be eligible for reduced dues.

The associate membership allows registered nurses to join MNA, without the benefits of collective bargaining. Students are eligible for an associate membership.

Minnesota Nursing Home Social Workers Association (MNHSWA)

The MNHSWA is a nonprofit that seeks to define and develop the roles of social workers in the context of long-term care facilities. The MNHSWA offers an annual service award and a fall conference.

This organization is open to any social worker with a professional degree. That includes doctorates, Master of Social Work or Bachelor of Social Work. In addition, the association welcomes members who are: providing social services in a long-term care facility, degreed professionals active or interested in the field of gerontology and educators managing the development of professionals who deliver social services in long-term care facilities.

Minnesota Student Nurses’ Association (MSNA)

The mission of the MSNA is to support student nurses by facilitating a pre-professional organization that will prepare these students for a successful career in nursing. Students in the following academic programs are eligible for membership in this organization: associate, baccalaureate, diploma and the general graduate nursing programs. Some of the benefits of joining this organization include: becoming more involved in Minnesota’s nursing communities, volunteering and access to resources like the MSNA’s publication.

Minnesota Licensed Practical Nurses Association (MLPNA)

The MLPNA is one of the oldest professional nursing organizations in Minnesota. The MLPN aims to ensure that licensed practical nurses are viable and respected parts of health care teams. This organization, like most other professional associations, provides professional growth opportunities for members. Members are required to be LPNs.