Program ResourcesBachelor of Arts in Exercise Science: What Will I Learn?

Students enrolled in CSP’s Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science program will undergo preparation for a broad range of occupations that promote health and physical fitness. Their coursework will focus on kinesiology (the scientific study of human movement), exercise, nutrition and management. Through these classes, students will learn to create fitness programs and activity plans for children and adults alike. When compared to other undergraduate concentrations, exercise science is arguably the best-rounded choice when it comes to understanding the human body.


During their kinesiology coursework, students will study the human body’s movement, mainly focusing on the muscular and skeletal systems. These classes will give students a broad introduction to the basic physiological, psychological, sociological and mechanical principals of kinesiology. Through this coursework, students will learn how to pinpoint imbalances in the body, evaluate and prioritize the body’s needs and then make recommendations on how to correct those imbalances.


Students curious about the elements of a healthy diet will find their nutrition classes interesting. During classes focusing on nutrition, enrollees will lean the basic concepts of nutrition, and will gain knowledge in how to build and follow a diet that protects from common health problems. They’ll also lean the basics about how humans interact with food, current consumer issues in nutrition, nutritional needs through the life cycle, international nutritional concerns and more.


When it comes time for students to take courses in exercise, they’ll lean about the physiological basis for human performance and the effects of physical activity on the human body. They will gain a deep knowledge of sport and exercise performance and the value of adhering to an exercise program to promote health among diverse populations. These courses include lecture, discussion, group exercises, teaching and written projects.


Because graduates of this program will be eligible for many entry- and mid-level jobs across the fitness and health-and-wellness industry spectrum, coursework in management is required. Through these classes, students will gain a broad understanding of management techniques that will help them meet the challenges and complexities of managing a team of employees. Coursework will also touch on new technology in the workplace, the changing demographic of clients students will encounter and professional values in the general work force.

Graduates of this program can expect to apply for a wide range of occupations in the industry, including directorial and managerial positions such as exercise physiologists, clinical exercise specialists, athletic coaches, wellness coaches and community wellness directors. Thus, those who hold a B.A. in Exercise Science can expect to work in gyms, rehabilitation centers, physical therapy facilities and sports and athletic complexes.

It is widely known that the keys to a consistent positive outlook are regular exercise and maintenance of physical fitness. Careers in exercise science promote a healthy lifestyle; many in this field find their jobs to be extremely satisfying. Especially given the current obesity epidemic in the U.S., there is certainly a need for individuals trained in helping people lead healthier lifestyles. Whether help is given via exercise plans, rehabilitation programs or sports programs, this can be a low-stress, rewarding career path that many enjoy.