Program ResourcesHighest Paying Jobs for Communications Majors

Employers value communication majors for their knowledge of current events and ability to communicate using various media. Those who hold a communication degree are typically strong public speakers and presenters as well as gifted writers and debaters. Each student may have a niche interest. For instance, some may consider themselves media and marketing experts, while others may be more comfortable with public speaking. Still others may have strong skills in quantitative and qualitative research. Marketing, public relations, journalism, the arts and media all need such skills in their employees.

The jobs that may be more attainable for college graduates with a bachelor’s degree include legal assistant, office manager or market research analyst — positions with average salaries ranging from approximately $48,000 to $52,000 per year. Some of the highest-paying positions for communication majors require a master’s degree and years of job experience: VP of public relations, VP of communications, account director, executive producer and digital strategist. The median salary for such roles can range from nearly $100,000 to $140,000.

A VP of public relations often has journalism experience in addition to a communication degree. The VP of public relations is in charge of the public face of the company and ensures the correct message is conveyed to customers and the community. Salary is typically very generous for this type of position due to the importance of public relations for a company. Reported average salaries are $69,050 to $156,037, plus the possibility of bonuses, profit sharing and commissions.

A VP of communications can expect to earn approximately $118,000 per year. Location plays a large factor in pay, as well as how much experience the individual brings to the job. A VP of communications is in charge of all the communications and messages to and from the company. This includes communication in departments such as social media, public relations and other media teams.

An account director manages existing accounts for a company and ensures client satisfaction stays high. Communication skills are extremely important for the position because account directors are heavily involved with current and potential clients constantly, either in person or via email or phone. Depending on experience, pay can range from $62,232 to $133,965 annually. Approximately 50 percent of account directors have 10 or more years of experience. This is a very important job in a company, and good account directors are always in demand. But due to the high job satisfaction, the turnover rate is low, so open job positions may not be plentiful.

The responsibilities of executive producers may vary greatly depending on the field in which they work. Generally, an executive producer is in charge of production activities and working with content producers. Other daily tasks include approving content, analyzing post-production feedback, assessing production needs and choosing talent for productions. Executive producers are responsible for researching competitors and knowing current trends. The average salary ranges from $50,249 to $170,036.

Digital strategists must be tech-savvy, creative and think strategically. Working in groups, digital strategists develop long-term goals and plans for digital products and services. Knowledge of current market trends is very important because strategists in competing companies are planning ways to get their product to the correct audience faster. High job satisfaction makes this job very desirable but not easily attainable. The most important skills employers seek are digital experience and three to five years of relevant experience. Digital strategists typically earn an average of $60,000 annually, with the lowest pay being $38,237 and the highest being $99,778. Pay will absolutely increase with experience.