Program ResourcesEarnings Report: Child Development Salaries

Occupations in the child development field range from the government sector to educational positions to media-related jobs. As with other careers, salary depends on several factors, including level of education, geographic location and type of employer. For the following positions available with a child development degree, we provide the average salary based on information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and PayScale.

Preschool Teachers

Preschool teachers earn an average of $27,130 per year, or $13.04 per hour. The lowest 10 percent earned less than $18,090, while the top 10 percent earned more than $48,660. Pay is mainly affected by geographic location, but may also be based on the employer and the amount of experience the employee has.

Childcare workers earn approximately $19,510 per year, or $9.38 per hour. Earnings fluctuate based on the childcare setting; childcare centers typically offer higher wages, while a self-employed childcare worker’s income depends on the number of hours they work, as well as the age of the children.

Case Managers

Case managers earn an average of $41,530 per year. The pay range for this occupation is very wide, with the lowest salaries around $27,000 and the highest about $70,000. While geographic location is a factor in salary, the largest influence is type of employer.

Occupational Therapist

Among occupational therapists, speech and behavioral therapists have the most contact with children. For this type of occupational therapist, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports an average salary of approximately $75,430. Salary is impacted by both geographic location and the specific employer, but professional experience has the largest impact on salary.

Because occupational therapists are vital to a child’s development, their work is very important to families and communities. Their patience and encouragement helps children develop confidence in overcoming their behavioral or speech disability.

Children’s Writers

The figures for this career vary vastly and are dependent on a wide variety of factors. The employer has a huge impact on salary; well-known companies can afford to pay more, while smaller businesses may only hire temporary or contract writers. The type of work also affects financial status. Writers are hired in many different areas, including journalism, editing, research, public relations, magazines and radio stations.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports a writer’s salary at an average of $55,940. Pay ranges from $27,770 to $117,860. Again, a writer’s pay depends on their field, their employer and the value of their work.

Many freelance writers find they need to supplement their income by other means, and many writers have more than one job. Freelance writers are paid by assignment, with the amount fluctuating depending on the client, length of article and the format of the assignment.