Program ResourcesBachelor of Arts in Exercise Science

Students interested in pursuing careers as coaches, athletic or personal trainers, physical education teachers or recreation directors would do well to consider earning a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science. This degree will prepare students for a broad range of occupations that promote health and physical fitness. CSP proudly offers this degree fully online. Students are required to earn 41 credit hours over the course of six or seven weeks.

Coursework is focused on kinesiology (the scientific study of human movement), exercise, nutrition, biological sciences, applied physiology and management. Through these classes, students learn to create fitness programs and activity plans for both children and adults. Undergraduate experience in exercise science provides an ideal foundation for further study as well as providing a deep understanding of the human body.

Career Outcomes

In addition to the occupations referenced at the start of this article, there are many other careers ideal for those with a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science. Obtaining this degree will prepare students for many jobs across the fitness, health and wellness industries, including directorial and managerial positions. To name a few:

• Exercise physiologist in a cardiac rehabilitation facility
• Clinical exercise specialist
• Athletic coach
• Wellness coach
• Community wellness director

Those who hold a B.A. in Exercise Science can expect to work in gyms, rehabilitation centers, physical therapy facilities and sports and athletic complexes. Especially given the current obesity epidemic in the U.S., there is a need for individuals trained in helping people lead healthier lifestyles.

Earning Potential and Career Advancement

Two common careers those who earn a B.A. in Exercise Science pursue are that of athletic trainers and exercise physiologists. While salaries for these positions vary based on location, experience, the size of the company and other factors, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reports the median annual wages for these two careers were $42,090 and $44,770 in May 2012
Though a bachelor’s degree is not always required for health and fitness occupations (like a personal trainer), educational experience will make candidates more attractive during the hiring process.. Earning a degree in exercise science will help students land more senior, higher-paying roles.

Another benefit of this program is that it is an ideal foundation for further study. In addition to increasing employment opportunities after graduation, it can also serve as a qualification for post-baccalaureate degree programs. Graduate work after earning a B.A. in Exercise Science might include the study of aging, biomechanics, chiropractic, human growth, sports psychology and more. Those who are interested in careers such as chiropractor, physical therapist, and occupational therapist may consider earning this degree before taking advanced graduate coursework to achieve their career goals.