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NursingAccepted Students


Congratulations on your acceptance to Concordia University!

Now that you have been accepted to the institution, your following steps will be categorized into two phases:

Phase I) includes items that you will need to complete prior to registering for your BSN courses.
Phase II) includes items that you will need to complete once you are enrolled in your BSN courses. Phase II requirements will be introduced during your second course, NUR 345, and must be completed before the end of your third course, NUR 360.

PHASE I – items below must be completed prior to registration for BSN courses:

Establish a Castle Branch Account

Your first step will be to go to http://csp.castlebranch.com/ and establish a Castle Branch account – Castle Branch Student Instructions.

Please note that the Castle Branch account lists ALL requirements from Phase I and Phase II. At this time, you are only accountable for completing the phase I requirements.

You will be prompted to address the Phase II requirements in advance of your first precepted practice experience.

All requirements within Phase I and Phase II will be included in your Castle Branch portal, so you will need to refer to this webpage in completing the correct requirements for each phase. Please contact your Academic Advisor with any questions regarding Phase II requirement due dates.

Note: Once your Castle Branch account is opened, you will receive regular communication from Castle Branch that all items (Phase I and Phase II) are due. Although you will receive these alerts, the only items due are those for Phase I. Please disregard the alerts for Phase II items until you are directed to start addressing them by your nursing faculty or the department chair (once in the program). For your reference, here are the Phase II requirements:

· The Supervisor Acknowledgement of Planned Practice Experience From
· Preceptor Agreement Form and Supporting Documentation
· Practice Site Affiliation Agreement
· Personal Malpractice Insurance
· Training Certificates for OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen, OSHA Hazard Communication, and HIPAA – Your Obligations Under the Privacy Rule

A printed checklist, for Phase 1 items, can be found here.

Background Study

The Minnesota Department of Human Services (DHS) requires students who will complete their practice experiences in Minnesota to complete a NetStudy 2.0 Background Study. Please follow the Directions for NetStudy 2.0 to complete this process.

The steps are briefly summarized below.

  • Read the Background Study Notice of Privacy Practices document.
  • Go to the NetStudy 2.0 Applicant Portal and follow the steps to complete an applicant background study form. (see the Directions for NetStudy 2.0 document for the portal link)
  • Once contacted by a CSP representative for identification verification, set-up an appointment to complete the identification verification process with the designated CSP representative.
  • After your CSP representative identification verification, log into the DHS website and locate the MNDHS Fingerprint Authorization form and verify for accuracy. Make the $9.10 online payment for the fingerprint authorization. Bring the form and valid identification to an authorized fingerprint site (CogentID). Complete Step 4 within the designated timeframe noting there is an expiration date and additional fees are incurred to repeat the process.
Drug Testing or Fingerprinting

Drug testing or fingerprinting is required by state or clinical site.

Follow instructions in Castle Branch.

Release of Information (ROI) Authorization – Practice Experience

Upload your signed and dated ROI (Document)

HIPAA Acknowledgement

Evidence of Negative Tuberculosis Status

Upload one of the following using the Student Tuberculosis Status Form:

  1. Negative 2-step PPD test, negative serum QuantiFeron© – TB Gold or T-SPOT©
  2. Negative chest x-ray plus a negative Tuberculosis Health Check Survey
Vaccination or Positive Titers

Upload a completed Student Vaccination Status Form

A non-responder provider verification form is available via your Enrollment Counselor upon request for students with negative titers after vaccination.

Proof of RN License

Proof of Health Insurance

Upload evidence of health insurance (both sides of health insurance ID card) or a signed/notarized waiver provided by your Enrollment Counselor upon request.
Health Screen

Upload completed and signed CSP Health Screen document
CPR Documentation

  • Upload both sides of card (signed) or a certificate from employer of completion.
  • Upload renewal when due.
CSP Student ID Card – Comet Card

Submit a photo of self via email to cardservices@csp.edu and menke@csp.edu that meets the criteria found on the Comet Card Requirements form*.

*Please note, all nursing students are required to submit an image for your Comet Card.


Other Information

Complete Your FAFSA

Learn more about financing your education at Concordia on our Financial Aid website – http://www.csp.edu/tuition-financial-aid/adult-undergraduate/
If you have any questions, contact your Tuition Planner for assistance and clarification.

Attend Orientation

Orientation information will be sent to you two weeks prior to the start of classes from your Enrollment Counselor. Make sure to attend one of the online sessions to ensure that you are ready to start your online learning!In the meantime, please feel free to go through CSP 101 on your own to learn more about what Concordia University has to offer.


If you have any additional questions regarding the final steps and forms, please contact your Enrollment Counselor at: admissions@csp.edu.

Once you have completed final steps in enrolling into the BSN program, your Enrollment Counselor will notify you of your acceptance into the program.

Again, congratulations on your admission and welcome to the Concordia community!