Forensic Scholars TodayVolume 5, Issue 4: April 2020

Youth Firesetting and Conduct Disorder

Youths diagnosed with conduct disorder share similarities with youth who engage in firesetting. This article explores the relationship between youth firesetting and conduct order for professionals in mental health, criminal justice, and other relevant fields. Learn more. View online or by PDF.

Psychiatric Rehabilitation

Psychiatric rehabilitation is often confused with specific services or programs. This article clarifies the definition of psychiatric rehabilitation, while taking a look at its history and purpose within mental health services. Learn more. View online or by PDF.

Sexual Offenders with ID

Sexual offenders with intellectual disabilities pose unique challenges to correctional and criminal justice professionals. This piece examines some of the most relevant topics to this population. Learn more. View online or by PDF.

Trauma and Children in Foster Care

Many children in foster care have experienced some sort of trauma. This article explores some of the signs, symptoms, and consequences of the trauma, as well as intervention and treatment options. Learn more. View online or by PDF.

FASD and MN Case Law

A significant number of individuals diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) end up in the criminal justice system. Thus, it’s important for professionals across criminal justice, forensic mental health, and law to examine case law with FASD. Learn more. View online or by PDF.

Social Work Mother’s Love

Single moms often battle stigma, low expectations, alienation, and societal discrimination. Those obstacles are presented in this article’s first-hand story of a single mom and her son. Learn more. View online or by PDF.