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H.H. Holmes: One of America’s First Recorded Serial Murderers

H. H. Holmes - One of Americas First Recorded Serial Murderers

Herman Webster Mudgett, aka Dr. Henry Howard Holmes, is one of America’s first noted serial murderers. Researchers have been fascinated with Holmes and the depraved acts he committed during the 19th century. Learn more about Holmes, his background, the façade he created, and his horrific atrocities. View online or by PDF.

Confabulation: An Introduction for Psychologists

Confabulation An Introduction for PsychologistsConfabulation is a psychological phenomenon that affects a client’s memory. While some clients intentionally lie during clinical interviews, others unintentionally lie by using fabricated experiences, dates, descriptions, and anecdotes. Learn more about confabulation as it relates to forensic psychology in our introduction to the subject. View online or by PDF.

The Role of Hypnotic Medications in Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

The Role of Hypnotic Medications in Drug-Facilitated Sexual Assault

Hypnotic medications are the most common sleep aids prescribed in the United States. This article explains the role of hypnotic medications in drug-facilitated sexual assaults. Learn more about what contributes to the illicit use of sleeping pills. View online or by PDF.

Competency to Stand Trial: What Forensic Psychologists Need to Know

Competency to Stand Trial: What Forensic Psychologists Need to KnowA defendant’s right to a fair trial is a core principle of the U.S. criminal justice system. For defendants with a mental disorder or intellectual ability, competency to stand trial is an important consideration. This article details how forensic psychologists can properly conduct an evaluation in such cases. View online or by PDF.

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The second edition of Forensic Scholars Today (FST) presents four separate, but equally important articles related to the field of forensic mental health.  Since publishing the first edition of FST, a number of peer reviewers with expertise in a multitude of topic areas have been added. In November of this year, FST plans to announce the launch of the annual Special Edition Volume series that focuses on five separate articles addressing areas related to Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorders (FASD). FST thanks all of you for taking the time to read the journal’s published works and looks forward to providing continued high-quality articles.

– Jerrod Brown, Editor-in-Chief

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