7 of the Hottest Careers in Information Technology

Posted March 6, 2014 | By csponline


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It is probably not news to you that the technology industry has experienced unparalleled growth in recent years. From smartphones and apps to tablets and data clouds, new technologies have become part of everyday life for most Americans. This widespread implementation of technological innovations is exciting for everyone, but it is especially relevant to those who are seeking a career in information technology. If you are considering a career that involves working closely with computers and data systems, now is a great time to pursue the degree required for those kinds of positions. Significant growth potential exists in the IT job market, so earning an online IT degree like the one offered by Concordia University, St. Paul, is a smart way to invest in your education. We’ve put together a list of the newest, hottest jobs in the IT market to give you some ideas about potential future careers in the exciting tech industry.

Data scientist

These professionals analyze data to understand patterns that are valuable to all types of businesses. They look for trends in areas like customer behavior and market cycles so that businesses can make adjustments to strategy. Data scientists also work on website optimization and security threats. They are invaluable when it comes to analytics and strategy planning because of how they understand deep and unstructured data. Data scientists should have a wide spectrum of skills, ranging from R programming language to spotting storage cluster failures. Salary for these professionals is around $100,000 annually.

Social media architect

Social Web tools and services are vital to every kind of business, and this means that companies need professionals to coordinate the various platforms and sites for optimum results. Social media architects have specialized knowledge to create connections between businesses and customers. They work with clickstream data and other user information and make sure they are accessible and searchable within the structure of a company. It is important to note that these professionals are more concerned with technology than strategy itself. Salary for social media architects is around $75,000 annually.

Mobile technology expert

Perhaps the biggest trend in modern technology is the emphasis on all things mobile. Creating apps, designing mobile strategies and ensuring security are major concerns in today’s tech industries. Companies are looking for mobile experts to streamline this rapidly expanding branch of technology. Mobile technology experts therefore need extensive IT experience with iOS, Android and BlackBerry devices. These professionals research, use and plan user support and device specifications. Annual salary for mobile technology experts is about $60,000.

Enterprise mobile developer

As mobile technology becomes more popular and advanced, companies are looking for professionals who can create enterprise mobile apps. These professionals make sense of mobile data, develop apps and ensure security. You’ll need programming skills for this position, as well as mobile Web development across platforms using HTML5. The major focus is on compliance and security. Annual salary is about $90,000.

Cloud architect

The widespread implementation of the cloud concept means that businesses need data center experts more than ever. Cloud architects work to increase efficiency and usability in cloud integration. These professionals need networking, virtualization and SAN design skills, as well as a deep understanding of online management. In this position, you’ll work to establish and manage private cloud infrastructure as well as public cloud services. Annual salary for cloud architects is around $100,000.

Head of IT human resources

The head of IT HR manages recruiting, screening and interviewing for IT department job candidates. They report to company executives while also having a key presence in the HR department. Because companies are becoming more and more specialized in terms of what kinds of technology they use, new hires must be able to use and support the specific programs and IT systems used by a particular company. Traditional HR professionals often do not have a detailed understanding of the tech aspects of a company to make informed IT hiring decisions, which is where the head of IT HR comes in. Annual salary for heads of IT HR is around $100,000.

IT security manager

These professionals handle all aspects of company IT security. They create and implement corporate IT security practices, and their duties include securing Wi-Fi networks, establishing policies for company-owned tech devices and handling offsite storage of backup. Businesses need IT security managers to keep company information private and safe from hackers. You’ll need experience working with budgets, IT systems and Internet security threats. Salary for this position is around $125,000 annually.

Concordia’s IT Degree 

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