5 Sports Management Courses to Prepare You for the Workplace

Posted January 12, 2015 | By csponline

5 Sports Management Courses to Prepare You for the Workplace

If you are an avid fan of sports, you might think that sports management will be the perfect career for your passion. And while it’s true that loving sports is a good first step, there is more to a career in sports management. Professionals in the field have to be experts in a variety of concepts, including law, project management, marketing and more. That’s where a degree can help.

The online sports management degrees at Concordia University, St. Paul help turn passion into preparation for this dynamic career. The sports industry offers a variety of niches, and that is reflected in the diversity of topics our program covers. Each of our classes is designed to give relevant skills and techniques that will help foster an understanding of the field and how it works, enabling students to be top candidates for positions in the sports field.

Here are just a few of the courses offered to our sports management students:

Law & Sport

Students gain an overview of legal issues affecting the sports industry. Concepts include tort law, contract law, and legislation that are related to the operations and administration of sports. This course also covers risk management strategies and how risk is addressed in the field. Students will grasp the evolution of sports law and where it’s headed.

Related Careers: Agent, Compliance Analyst, Insurer

Planning and Managing Sports Facilities

This course develops an understanding of the planning, designing, and maintenance of sports facilities. Students also learn event management skills and athletic programing in sports facilities. The growth of stadium design and technology is a major topic, as well as how modern management of stadiums is done.

Related Careers: Facility Coordinator, Grounds Crew Manager, Stadium Manager

Sports Business

Through a comprehensive analysis of issues related to sports business and a comparison with other industries, students gain a deep understanding of the fundamental principles of what constitutes success. Topics include finance, accounting, and budgeting as it relates to sports business. Students also focus on the growing business surrounding sports and how the industry continues to boom thanks to various forms of media.

Related Careers: Marketing Specialist, Operations Manager, Public Relations Representative

Exercise Physiology

This study of how the human body influences performance is based in scientific theory and science. Students will learn about the effects of physical activity on the body’s functions and how today’s professionals maintain peak performance. This course also explores how technology has affected and will continue to affect athlete training and performance.

Related Careers: Exercise Physiologist, Athletic Trainer, Sports Physician

Marketing and Fundraising in Sports

This course serves as an introduction into how sports and marketing works in the sports world. Students develop an understanding of how unique sports marketing can be, and the various segments of the industry. Understanding customers, market research, and data-based marketing, are all covered. Students also gain insight into the special relationship between sports organizations and charities.

Related Careers: Sports Philanthropist, Marketing Specialist, Advertising Executive

Each of these courses, and the others covered in the program, give students a strong basis with which to move into the field of sports management. This understanding will give them a foundation with which to build a strong career in the industry.

These are just a few of the many careers that the sports management programs at Concordia offer. Thanks to the broad spectrum of the sports industry, a sports management degree gives you plenty of career options. If you are interested in turning a passion for sports into a future, learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Sport Management and Master of Arts in Sport Management at Concordia today.