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Minnesota Online Degree Programs Growing in Popularity

Posted October 12, 2011 | By csponline

Statistics from Minnesota State Colleges and Universities indicate demand for online degree programs has grown exponentially over the past decade. From 2005 to 2009, there was a 186% increase in online enrollment, compared with only a 6% increase in demand for traditional brick and mortar schools.… Read More

Bachelor of Arts in Health Care Program Now Offered Online

Posted October 5, 2011 | By csponline

Health care management is one of the fastest growing careers in the medical field, and is widely considered to be one of the most versatile and useful careers in health care. Professionals in this career field hold jobs at the top of hospital and health care organization structures, and are generally able to pick and choose among the best available professional careers.… Read More

What is Health Care Management?

Posted October 5, 2011 | By csponline

The health care industry is an exciting field with many job opportunities for both medical and business personnel. For people who are interested in the business side of health care, there are many administrative careers to choose from. Health care management is a field that allows a person numerous options.… Read More

Admissions for Bachelors of Arts in Business

Posted September 28, 2011 | By csponline

The Bachelor of Arts in Business offered by Concordia University in St. Paul provides the knowledge necessary to be successful in business. Throughout the program, students learn about the different aspects of business: finance, accounting, marketing and management. Those who graduate with this degree have successfully learned the technical aspects of business and are ready to apply their integrity, professionalism and interpersonal skills toward finding practical solutions in today’s world.… Read More

Careers Available with a BA in Business

Posted September 28, 2011 | By csponline

A Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) degree in business has become one of the most popular and sought-after degrees in higher education. In the past it has been considered a “general” degree, the truth is that many employers are seeing the merits of a B.A.… Read More

What Areas of Study Are Important in a Business Degree?

Posted September 26, 2011 | By csponline

If you have dreams of running a Fortune 500 company, or simply wish to learn more about how a successful business is run, a business degree might be for you. The great thing about a business degree is that you can use it to get a variety of jobs in many fields.… Read More

Online Programs at Concordia University, St. Paul

Posted September 14, 2011 | By csponline

Concordia University, St. Paul now offers four online degree programs. These programs are ideal for students who work full time or take care of a family and need to fit their learning schedules around other obligations. All of these programs mimic the experience a student would have on campus and allow interaction with professors and other students.… Read More

What is the salary range for someone with a BA in Business?

Posted September 14, 2011 | By csponline

There is a broad salary range for people who have a BA in Business Online. Salaries for people with a degree in business can range from about $34,000 a year to a six figure income depending upon a variety of factors.… Read More

Bachelor of Arts in Business Degree Now Offered Online

Posted September 14, 2011 | By csponline

The Online Bachelor of Arts in Business degree program prepares college graduates for leadership roles in the modern business world. The program teaches solid management skills based on sound theory, and students are taught to think critically and creatively to achieve their goals.… Read More

Bachelor of Arts in Business is Now Offered Online

Posted September 12, 2011 | By csponline

Bachelor of Arts in Business is now offered fully online at Concordia University, St. Paul. A liberal arts degree combined with a business degree broadens the scope of students who want a business career. Upward mobility in the corporate and business world is enhanced by a liberal arts background.… Read More