Online Exercise Science Student Tina Andrews Shares Her Story

Posted October 24, 2014 | By csponline

Deciding to pursue your exercise science degree online is a big step. Like most prospective students, you want a quality program that can help you get the health and fitness career you’re looking for. But how can you tell if a program is right for you? One exercise science student shares her experience. Learn what it’s really like to study online and how earning an exercise science degree is helping her achieve her goals. Tina Andrews, a student in the undergraduate online exercise science program at Concordia University, St. Paul, tells her story.

Choosing an Online Program

When she was choosing an online exercise science program, both flexibility and transfer credits were important to Andrews. “I was looking for a university that offered a four-year degree in the field of exercise science. I chose CSP because the exercise science program offered was exactly what I was looking for. Additionally, some of my prior college credits would transfer as part of this degree. I decided that if I really wanted to go back to school, pursuing a degree in the area of health and fitness would suit me perfectly. In addition, pursuing a degree online would be my best option (because) I would still be able to keep up with my busy schedule at home and study when my schedule permits,” she says.

What It’s Like to Learn Online

Once Andrews began her degree program, she found that learning in an online format was easier than she expected: “What surprised me about taking online courses is the interaction you can have with your instructor and other peers in your class. Before taking online courses, I envisioned the instructor lecturing to the class and not having a lot of interaction with the other students. Each online course that I have taken so far involved breakout sessions that included a small group of students. We were able to discuss questions and issues and really get to know each other. I really like that aspect of online courses. I also think it is beneficial that the students in the class are from all walks of life and have different backgrounds and goals for the future.”

Strategies for Success in Online Learning

One of the challenges of online education is time management, but Andrews says that having a plan in place can help you adjust. “You really need to be not only self-motivated, but also very disciplined and conscientious of when assignments are due and the amount of reading that is involved each week. Because the courses are accelerated and each class lasts only seven weeks, good time management is critical. Also, you need to have very good organizational skills,” she says.

Andrews also had some valuable study tips for fellow online students: “Carve out one or two hours each day to read and work on assignments that are due that week. Waiting until a few days before your chat session to get all of the reading that is required done will put too much stress on you.”

She has found that spreading out study time every day helps produce higher quality work. “If you spend a little time each day with your reading homework, when questions arise you have sufficient time to contact your instructor. Your questions can then be answered in a timely manner. This can also prevent you from rushing through your assignments and making sure the homework that is handed in is proofread and completed to the best of your ability,” Andrews says.

Using Your Degree

Andrews plans to use her degree to pursue her passion in the thriving health and fitness industry: “(It) continues to be a booming market and there are many opportunities in this field that I believe will suit my goals and interests completely. I am therefore certain that a Bachelor of Arts in Exercise Science from CSP will be a major step toward achieving my personal and professional goals.” But no matter what specific career you have in mind, earning your degree online is a great place to start. “I would absolutely recommend CSP Online. The education that I have received so far in pursuing my degree … has been very informative, useful and rewarding,” Andrews says.

To learn if an online exercise science degree from Concordia University, St. Paul can help you reach your career goals, visit our undergraduate and graduate program pages today.

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