Finding the Nursing Career That’s Right for You

Posted November 11, 2014 | By csponline

Finding the nursing career that's right for you.

Nurses are needed in a number of fields––pediatrics, geriatrics, emergency rooms, hospice and more. With so many choices, it’s important to find a place where you will thrive. While all nurses care for patients, not all nursing jobs are the same. Finding the role that fits your interests and personality traits will help you enjoy your job and better serve your patients.

Here are some of the careers that align with different personality traits, helping you to find your perfect nursing career.

If You Are… Parental and Caring

Many children in a hospital or doctor’s office are scared or unsure of their surroundings. Parents, too, may be feeling uneasy or out of their element. Pediatric nurses must be gentle, calm and patient, as well as have the ability to relate well to children. It’s also important to be able to answer questions children may have in a way that is truthful but does not alarm them. Creative thinking to help make a medical procedure a positive experience is a plus.

If You Are… Patient and a Great Listener

Working with the elderly in a nursing home can be an incredibly rewarding experience. If you are patient and a great listener, working in a nursing home may be the perfect career for you. Geriatric nurses need to not only understand the different physical needs of elderly patients, but their emotional needs as well. Respect, kindness and patience are all key components of the position.

If You Are… Quick on Your Feet and Good Under Pressure

For some, the stress in an emergency room can feel overwhelming, but the right personality types thrive. Emergency room nurses must be able to stay calm in all situations, manage crises, and prioritize patient care appropriately. They have to be able to take direction well and be able to make split second decisions that affect the situation. If you enjoy constant challenges and a variety of patients and medical cases, an emergency room could be the perfect place for you.

If You Are… Stable in Tough Situations

Keeping strong in the face of death can be a very difficult job, but it is one that hospice nurses deal with daily. While hospice nurses deal with those at the end of life, they also provide a service to the patient’s friends and loved ones. They help ensure that the days leading up to death are as smooth as possible. Hospice nurses are the first step in the grieving process and serve as a medium to help the grieving begin. Being a hospice nurse requires understanding and stability; loved ones will often have many questions and hospice nurses must answer them with care. While working in end-of-life care can involves constant contact with those in sadness, it’s a rewarding experience and a great service to families facing death.

If You Are… Goal-Oriented and Calm

The birth of a child is among the most beautiful and stressful days of a person’s life. An OBGYN (obstetrics/gynecology) nurse’s job is to help expectant mothers through this important day. Communication is critical in this role, to ensure the mother’s wishes are respected and the health of the baby and mother are taken care of. Multitasking between mothers and being able to quickly recognize warning signs of complications are also important skills.

Nursing can be one of the most rewarding careers around, but it’s important to find the role that fits your personality and skills. Although many RNs are able to enter these roles, having more education can help you become a more valuable candidate. Several of these specialties are more suited to those who have received a bachelor of science in nursing.

In the RN to BS in Nursing degree program at Concordia University, St. Paul, you will learn about many different nursing careers and what it takes to work each one. Our professors have experience from across the spectrum of the nursing profession, and will give insight into what makes each nurse effective in their given role. The online nature of the program also allows nurses to continue their education while maintaining their current position. Upon graduation, nurses will be more suited to advance their career and take new roles in their workplace.

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