6 Companies for Criminal Justice Graduates in the Twin Cities

Posted May 20, 2014 | By csponline

After months of hard work, you are finally receiving your Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice degree. Congratulations are in order, but what’s next for you? The criminal justice degree program at Concordia University, St. Paul (CSP) has given you all the skills you need to succeed in the workforce, and now it is time to apply them. Many criminal justice graduates elect to enter the law enforcement fields, and luckily, for Twin Cities residents, there are plenty of places where you can use your degree. Below are just a few suggestions.

Minneapolis Police Department

More than 800 sworn officers protect and serve the largest city in Minnesota. Working for the Minneapolis Police Department is perfect if you’re looking for a traditional job in law enforcement. According to the MPD’s website, prospective officers can expect to interact heavily with citizens to solve problems in the community. They will operate on beats, either on foot or in a patrol car. Possible applicants will be subjected to both an oral and written exam. The position’s beginning annual salary ranges from $54,504 to $69,565, depending on previous experience. Learn more about becoming a police officer in Minneapolis at the MPD’s website.

St. Paul Police Department

The second half of the Twin Cities has its own police department committed to serving St. Paul’s residents. The department is very similar to Minneapolis’ police force, and the two will overlap on occasion. Sworn officers of the SPPD have the same responsibilities and requirements as the MPD, but officers also must have both a Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) and Law Enforcement Certificate. According to the St. Paul Police Department’s website, starting salaries begin at $50,000. Visit the SPPD website to learn more.

Minnesota State Patrol

Since 1829, the Minnesota State Patrol has protected the highways and roads of the Gopher State. Unlike local police officers, state troopers focus on protecting motorists. This includes assisting drivers involved with crashes, helping enforce speed limits and other rules of the road, as well as inspecting commercial vehicles. The Capitol Security division of MSP provides security in St Paul’s Capitol complex. MSP has a special Pre-Academy that prepares candidates for life as a trooper. However, the applications aren’t open at all times; check the MSP’s website to find out when applications are open next. MSP’s website lists the base pay for new troopers at $48,000.

University of Minnesota Department of Public Safety

The Twin Cities plays home to the main campus of the University of Minnesota, the state’s largest four-year institution. The school’s University Police is charged with protecting and serving the 50,000 students who attend the university. The UMPD focuses on ensuring that the campus is a safe environment for all students. They participate in a lot of outreach with the campus and deal with students on a constant basis. Graduates of our online criminal justice degree program are especially prepared for this role because of the emphasis our program places on working with young adults, including offering a course specifically built around youth in the criminal justice system. Employment opportunities are limited due to the smaller size of the force, but when available, positions are posted on UMPD’s website.

Bloomington Police Department

Just south of Minneapolis, Bloomington is one of the Twin Cities’ largest suburbs. It offers its own police department to serve more than 80,000 residents. Bloomington is perfect for graduates looking for a career in a quieter setting. The amount of major crime is limited, allowing the department to focus more on public safety services. The police department provides a lot of community outreach, including everything from neighborhood watches to child seat safety inspections. The BPD is always looking for highly qualified individuals and encourages those interested to contact the department. You can learn more on their website.

Private Security Services

Those interested in a law enforcement career may want to consider working for a private security firm. These companies specialize in protecting the interests of their clients. They are often stationed inside businesses and events. Many employees of these services have law enforcement experience and/or a criminal justice degree. However, most of these positions are likely to have a smaller wage compared to a traditional police officer. There are several of these services in the Twin Cities area. Hannon Security Services, AlliedBarton Security, Grade A Security and ABM Security are a few of the largest firms in the city. You can visit their websites for more information about possible employment opportunities.

There are countless jobs in law enforcement available for those who receive a criminal justice degree. A degree from CSP helps ensure that you have the tools needed to be a successful professional in the field. Whether you are looking to become a state trooper, private security guard, or even a traditional police officer, you will be prepared for any challenge your future career gives you. Explore our criminal justice degree program page to learn more about the Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice.

For those wishing to further their education in criminal justice, we offer a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice Leadership and a Master of Arts in Human Services with an emphasis on Forensic Mental Health. Get started on your criminal justice future today!

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