What is the difference between a BA in Business and a MBA?

Posted October 12, 2011 | By csponline

While a Bachelors of Arts degree in business will open many doors, some people may desire to build a career with the added benefits of a Master’s degree. There are a few real distinctions between the two types of degrees that should be considered when planning out education and setting professional goals. One of the most obvious differences between a MBA and an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts in Business degree program is the length of time involved.

After four years of dedicated study, a person with a BA degree in business is able to set out into the world and begin working right away. An MBA degree, however, requires an additional two years of study which may be done sequentially after completing the BA degree or by returning to graduate school at a later date, even while working full-time. Another key difference between the two degrees is the increased intensity and level of independent study involved with a graduate level program. An MBA program specifically trains students to become executive level leaders that utilize analytical, critical thinking skills, and highly motivate others within the organization.

While an undergrad business major may successfully become specialized within the workforce, the MBA graduate most often carries a greater responsibility over a broader spectrum of organizational affairs. When it comes to earning industry credentials, a minimum of a Bachelor’s degree is necessary in the business world. The MBA with an emphasis on finance, management, marketing or entrepreneurship, will on the other hand provide credentials that will yield greater advancement and, quite often, a higher paying salary. This is because employers recognize a MBA graduate as an expert in the topic of their field, a leader with the ability to focus on the most vital issues at hand, and as one who understands how fixing a particular problem will affect other operations within a corporation or organization. The choice between a MBA or a BA in Business degree will largely depend on a person’s given skill set, their business experience and long-term goals. This decision may take time, but there is really no need to rush.