Get a Bachelor of Arts in Health Care

Posted September 12, 2011 | By csponline

Health care is one of the most dynamic and growing career fields, even in today’s fledgling economy. While other industries are being hit hard with record numbers of job losses, the health care industry is experiencing exciting growth. Opportunities for those educated in the helping professions are increasing rapidly throughout the country. One of the most opportune ways to get involved in this important type of work is to earn a bachelor’s degree in health care management. In addition to being a great degree for long-term job security, it is transferable, flexible, and potentially lucrative.

What is health care management?

Health care, like any other industry, is a business, and consequently it requires individuals to plan, execute, evaluate, and oversee operations. Health care managers typically fall into either the clinical side or the administrative side. As in any other field, business administrators in the health care industry focus on areas such as finance, human resources, information technology, and marketing. Because of the extensive overlap of health care administration with other business fields, this degree is highly transferable. The ability to go into different fields without returning to school makes this degree a great choice for people who want a lot of options and flexibility in their careers. While many people enter the health care industry with a genuine desire to help others, a career in health care administration is also potentially lucrative. Managers especially tend to earn outstanding insurance and retirement benefits as well. Of course there are also the intangible benefits of knowing you are helping make a difference in the lives of others. Working in the health care industry, you know your work is valued, and you are valuable to society. Whether you are just finishing high school and looking for a good career fit or you are unhappy in your current job and looking to make a change, consider the benefits of earning a Bachelor of Arts in the health care field with a concentration in management. Health care administration is a great, growing field where you will be able to help others while enjoying numerous benefits both tangible and intangible.