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Best Places for Travel Nursing

Are you ready to see the country while earning more money as a travel nurse? Here are some of our favorite destinations for employment prospects and, of course, exciting experiences!

New York, NY

Do you choose Central Park and Broadway shows or the career opportunity of a lifetime? The Big Apple doesn’t sacrifice on either side of the equation.

  • Metro area has the largest concentration of RNs in the country by a margin of 70,000.
  • Continuing education is high priority in the state of New York, as seen in the BSN-in-10 (years) law for RNs that was passed in 2017.
  • Average High
    • March: 48.0°F
    • June: 77.0°F
    • September: 74.0°F
    • December: 42.0°F
  • Top Attractions
    • Central Park
    • The Metropolitan Museum of Art
    • Statue of Liberty
  • Noteworthy Hospitals/Hospital Rankings
    • Three Top 20 nationally-ranked adult hospitals (New York-Presbyterian Hospital, NYU Langone Hospitals, Mount Sinai Hospital)
  • Employment/Compensation
    • Total employment: 176,770
    • Mean hourly: $42.98
    • Mean annually: $89,400


Boston, MA

You don’t need to be a history buff to consider Boston. World-class medical facilities are the perfect complement to the city’s museums, sights, and sports teams.

  • There are only two metro areas with at least 60,000 RNs and an average salary of $90,000: Boston and Los Angeles.
  • Average High
    • March: 45.0°F
    • June: 76.0°F
    • September: 72.0°F
    • December: 41.0°F
  • Top Attractions
    • Freedom Trail
    • Fenway Park
    • Boston Public Garden
  • Noteworthy Hospitals/Hospital Rankings
    • 1 children’s hospital (Boston Children’s Hospital) and No. 4 adult hospital (Massachusetts General Hospital) in the nation
  • Employment/Compensation
    • Total employment: 60,260
    • Mean hourly: $44.32
    • Mean annually: $92,180

Orlando, FL

Intrigued by the great weather and theme parks? Orlando is a vacation spot as well as a strong professional opportunity.

  • Florida leads all states in the proportion of people 65 and over.
  • Average High
    • March: 78.0°F
    • June: 91.0°F
    • September: 90.0°F
    • December: 73.0°F
  • Top Attractions
    • Walt Disney World Resort
    • Universal Orlando Resort
    • Discovery Cove
  • Noteworthy Hospitals/Hospital Rankings
    • Orlando Regional Medical Center is nationally ranked in 5 children’s specialties.
  • Employment/Compensation
    • Total employment: 22,070
    • Mean hourly: $30.42
    • Mean annually: $63,270

Chicago, IL

It’s easy to lose count of the top-tier hospitals in Chicago. Don’t forget about the amazing food, museums, shopping, and more in the Windy City.

  • Chicago’s metro area represents the third highest concentration of RNs in the country.
  • Chicagoland is where you’ll find 9 out of 10 top-ranked hospitals in Illinois.
  • Average High
    • March: 47.0°F
    • June: 80.0°F
    • September: 76.0°F
    • December: 37.0°F
  • Top Attractions
    • Millennium Park
    • The Magnificent Mile
    • Shedd Aquarium
  • Noteworthy Hospitals/Hospital Rankings
    • 10 children’s hospital (Ann and Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago) and No. 13 adult hospital (Northwestern Memorial Hospital) in the nation
  • Employment/Compensation
    • Total employment: 93,710
    • Mean hourly: $36.33
    • Mean annually: $75,570

Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles has it all. That includes the second largest amount of RNs in the country, high salaries, distinguished medical institutions, great weather, and attractions.

  • California beats all other states for average RN salaries.
  • Average High
    • March: 70.0°F
    • June: 78.0°F
    • September: 83.0°F
    • December: 68.0°F
  • Top Attractions
    • Griffith Park
    • The Getty
    • California Science Center
  • Noteworthy Hospitals/Hospital Rankings
    • Two Top-10 nationally-ranked adult hospitals (UCLA Medical Center, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center) and the No. 6 children’s hospital (Children’s Hospital Los Angeles)
  • Employment/Compensation
    • Total employment: 102,330
    • Mean hourly: $45.10
    • Mean annually: $93,800

San Jose, CA

Experiencing the California coast is one thing. Add to that the fact that no metro area pays RNs better than San Jose, and you can see the appeal of this destination.

  • California is the only state that has minimum nurse-patient ratios.
  • Average High
    • March: 66.0°F
    • June: 79.0°F
    • September: 80.0°F
    • December: 58.0°F
  • Top Attractions
    • Municipal Rose Garden
    • The Tech Museum of Innovation
    • Winchester Mystery House
  • Noteworthy Hospitals/Hospital Rankings
    • 9 adult hospital in the nation (Stanford Health Care-Stanford Hospital)
  • Employment/Compensation
    • Total employment: 15,990
    • Mean hourly: $62.09
    • Mean annually: $129,140

Conclusion: Those are just a few places you can explore when you become a travel nurse!