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Your schedule is unpredictable; your future shouldn’t be.

Serving your country doesn’t have to mean giving up on your goal of completing your bachelor’s degree or earning a master’s degree. At Concordia University, St. Paul, our programs offer the flexibility and convenience you need to advance your career, even when military service makes your schedule unpredictable.

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Military Service Scholarship

Concordia University, St. Paul offers a $2,000 military service scholarship for veterans, military service members and spouses who do not receive Yellow Ribbon Program or Vocational Rehabilitation Program benefits. Recipients can apply the scholarship to adult undergraduate or graduate programs.

Whether you are seeking an advanced military role or a civilian career, Concordia University offers many active duty military benefits, which makes getting a college education accessible and affordable for service members. We are here to support your education goals through:

  • Yellow Ribbon Program: Supplement the cost of your tuition with Yellow Ribbon benefits and earn the degree you need to take your career further.
  • Active Duty Tuition Discount: Undergraduate degree programs are offered to active duty service members at a low cost of $250 per credit hour.
  • Ability to Maximize Military Credits: Transfer up to 32 military credits to apply toward your bachelor’s degree at Concordia University.
  • Military Withdrawal Policy: The schedule of an active duty service member is unpredictable, but you shouldn’t be penalized for your service. Concordia University offers service members a variety of hassle-free withdrawal options if you get called to active duty or have a change in military assignment during the middle of a course.

Enroll in Concordia University’s online undergraduate or graduate degree programs for maximum flexibility and affordability. Online programs qualify for military benefits and provide you with an accessible and convenient option to earning your degree while serving the military. The remote educational platform keeps you on track for graduation even if you get called to duty or have a change in military assignment.

Join forces with Concordia University to reach your career goals through higher education. Please contact Concordia at 651-641-8230 or at with any questions or for more information.

Concordia University offered multiple programs for me to choose from, and provided an environment that fit into my busy career in the military.

Jeffery Steien '11
B.A. Organizational Management and Leadership