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GuidesA Beginners Guide to Ecommerce

What You’ll Learn

  • How trends like influencer marketing and social shopping are shaping e-commerce
  • The major benefits of e-commerce
  • How e-commerce compares to traditional business models
  • Basic terms and background to implement e-commerce
  • And more

What You’ll Get

Concordia, St. Paul’s A Beginner’s Guide to E-commerce, which is a free resource for learning about trends and other major topics in e-commerce. Get your copy today!

Gain Foundational Knowledge About E-commerce

Not too long ago, people were excited about being able to reserve products online and pick them up a few hours later at a local store. Now, that and fully online shopping are a part of everyday life.

You probably have a basic working knowledge of e-commerce and some of the companies that helped make this trend big (eBay and Amazon). However, if you want to work in the business world in nearly any capacity, you’ll need a deeper understanding of it and some of the major trends. Roles across management, marketing, and more require a solid foundation in e-commerce.

Our free guide can help you learn the basics of e-commerce. Get the knowledge you need to better understand how important e-commerce is in today’s business landscape.


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