Bachelor Degrees

  • BA in Accounting
  • BA in Business
  • BA in Child Development
  • BA in Communication Studies
  • BA in Criminal Justice
  • BA in Exercise Science
  • BA in Family Life Education
  • BA in Food Industry Management
  • BA in Health Care Administration
  • BA in Hospitality Management
  • BA in Human Resource Management
  • BA in Information and Technology Management
  • BA in Marketing and Innovation Management
  • BA in Organizational Management and Leadership
  • BA in Psychology
  • BS in Pulmonary Science
  • BS in Radiologic Science Leadership

Graduate Degrees

Today's higher education market is made up of a new generation of students who realize the value of a graduate degree in the workforce. Concordia University, St. Paul offers busy working professionals a flexible alternative: online education.

  • MA in Criminal Justice Leadership
  • MA – Early Childhood Education
  • MA in Family Life Education
  • MA in Human Resource Management
  • MA in Leadership and Management
  • MA in Sport Management
  • MA in Strategic Communication Management
  • MBA
  • MBA – Health Care Management
  • MBA – Information Technology Management
  • MBA – Marketing Analytics

Why Choose

Local Learning for Global Success
Earn a degree that gets you noticed

Not only can earning your bachelor's or master's degree help get your current employer's attention or open doors for other career paths, recent studies also show that a degree often translates to more money in your paycheck. Make the smart decision and contact Concordia to learn more.

Flexible and convenient
- Programs offered online or in-class
- Cohorts form year-round

Fast-paced and focused
- Accelerated - complete your degree in 18-24 months (varies by program)
- Classes meet just one night per week-either online or in-class

A proven success - cohort learning
- A group of 10-20 students, you'll learn together, and from each other, for the entire program Concordia University, St. Paul offers 4 degree programs 100% online.



Frequently Asked

Let current Concordia students answers some of your questions.
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Q: What motivated you to return to school?

Q: How do you juggle your job and family responsibilities and still find time for studies?

Q: What are the main benefits of Concordia's locations and size?

Q: How has Concordia's Lutheran foundation impact your educational experience?

Q: What is the student community like at Concordia?

Q: Describe a typical student-faculty relationship?

Q: How have your professors influenced your success?

Q: What is the structure of an online/in-class class for adult students?

Q: How has the cohort-style teaching structure enhanced your experience at Concordia?

Q: Do you feel your Concordia degree holds weight in the marketing place?

Q: Did you have fears or restrain when you entered the program? If so, what changed those feelings?

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