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Online, In-Class or Blended?

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Educational Technology

Course Length: 7 weeks
Total Credit Hours: 30
Cost Per Credit Hour: $368


The Master of Arts in Educational Technology is designed to prepare teachers to utilize technology most effectively to enhance student achievement.

This program is an accelerated 2 year cohort program. In general, you will meet one night a week from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. and finish one 3 credit course every 7 weeks. An online format is available that does not require face to face meetings; however, a weekly one hour synchronous audio/visual chat is required. You will still complete one 3 credit course every 7 weeks.

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Educational Issues

A study of historical and contemporary issues in education.  Students explore the social and academic goals of education, the current conditions of the nation


Educ Research & Applications

Mastering the systematic and rigorous process of posing a focused question, developing a hypothesis, testing the hypothesis, collecting and analyzing relevant data and drawing conclusions.


Diversity in Education

A study of the issues and approaches to educating a culturally and linguistically diverse population and those with learning difficulties.


Legal & Ethical Issues in Educ

A study of legal issues, professional ethics, and moral philosophy with applications to the field of education.


Curriculum and Instruction

An examination of the history of the school curriculum, the fundamentals of curriculum design, and methods of implementation as well as the theory and practice of the developmentally effective classroom.


Technology Trends & Soc Media

A survey of the historical and theoretical development of educational technology and an examination of future trends in K-12 education.


Exploring Classroom Tech Tools

An examination of how to best enhance student achievement through effective incorporation of various software and hardware.


Virtual Classroom

The study of various social media modes to engage the learner and enhance instruction.


Prof Dev & Ldrshp in Ed Tech

A focus on leadership and professional development in planning and integrating educational technology.


Research & Complete Capstone

A review and critical analysis of current educational research focused on a specific question. Students complete the capstone project.


1. Apply Online

2. The $50 Application Fee (non-refundable) should be payable to Concordia University by check, money order or pay online. Please allow 2-3 business days for online payment processing.

3. Submit official transcripts from the regionally accredited institution stating the conferral of a Bachelor's degree with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 based on a 4.0 system.

4. Submit a typed personal statement that answers the questions listed below. Completed statements should be labeled with your name, academic program, and your contact information and submitted via mail, email or fax. Each question should be answered in a minimum of 300 words (1 page).

Why are you choosing to pursue a graduate program at this time in your career, and what are you hoping to accomplish by doing so?
What strengths do you feel make you a strong candidate for the program?
Describe a past or present personal/professional experience that you believe positively influenced your potential to succeed in a graduate program.

5. Submit a current, professional resume.

Technology Requirements
Students enrolling in a graduate program must have access to a computer that meets Concordia University's technology requirements. Contact Concordia's Help Desk at or 651-641-8866 with any questions regarding these requirements.

Concordia University Technology Requirements (PDF)